Saturday, April 18, 2009

Family Photo

I posted this on Facebook, so I figured I'd go ahead and post it here too for my relatives and friends who aren't on Facebook.

I was raised by an extended family in Louisiana. Here is a photo from way back when.

Top row, L to R: my dad, Don Hoffman (legally, step-dad). Phyliss Cowart, married to my great-uncle beside her, Oriece "Cal" Cowart. My great-uncle, Boby Hines. His son and my cousin, Bobby Hines. My maternal uncle, David Cowart. My maternal grandmother, Violet Blanche Cowart. Her brother and my great-uncle, Charles Woessner. His wife, Kim Woessner.

Middle row, L to R: my maternal grandfather, Durward "Bud" Cowart. My mom, Lee Hoffman. Me, Celeste Dickson. My great-aunt, Carol Hines.

Front row, L to R: my aunt (married to my maternal uncle), Patty Genovese Cowart. On her lap is my cousin, Erick Cowart. My cousin, Jeffrey Hines. My brother with the red hair and cutting up, Elie Hoffman. Cousin, Woessner. And on the end, the tiny blonde is my sister, Sarah Hoffman. In front is our dog, Daisy the Catahoula.

Just to give some time reference, here is a photo of my red headed brother all grown up on his wedding day to the fantastic, BEST SISTER IN LAW IN THE WORLD, Alayna Grigsby. I was honored to officiate their wedding.