Saturday, April 18, 2009

Family Photo

I posted this on Facebook, so I figured I'd go ahead and post it here too for my relatives and friends who aren't on Facebook.

I was raised by an extended family in Louisiana. Here is a photo from way back when.

Top row, L to R: my dad, Don Hoffman (legally, step-dad). Phyliss Cowart, married to my great-uncle beside her, Oriece "Cal" Cowart. My great-uncle, Boby Hines. His son and my cousin, Bobby Hines. My maternal uncle, David Cowart. My maternal grandmother, Violet Blanche Cowart. Her brother and my great-uncle, Charles Woessner. His wife, Kim Woessner.

Middle row, L to R: my maternal grandfather, Durward "Bud" Cowart. My mom, Lee Hoffman. Me, Celeste Dickson. My great-aunt, Carol Hines.

Front row, L to R: my aunt (married to my maternal uncle), Patty Genovese Cowart. On her lap is my cousin, Erick Cowart. My cousin, Jeffrey Hines. My brother with the red hair and cutting up, Elie Hoffman. Cousin, Woessner. And on the end, the tiny blonde is my sister, Sarah Hoffman. In front is our dog, Daisy the Catahoula.

Just to give some time reference, here is a photo of my red headed brother all grown up on his wedding day to the fantastic, BEST SISTER IN LAW IN THE WORLD, Alayna Grigsby. I was honored to officiate their wedding.

Friday, April 17, 2009


I crocheted a gift bag to match the bottle of tequila I'm going to give my Spanish teacher (ungraded class, continuing education for adults). In conversation I discovered her favorite kind. I made the bag to match the bottle...white tequila with silver lid and label.

It made a really nice gift I need to find someone else to give bottles to!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Symphony Choir Day/Night

Last night Mitch sang with the Athens Symphony Choir. Here are some photos.

Earlier in the day shot, after I finished knitting these earrings.

Mitch is ready!

"I will aggressively defend your rights." (This one is worth clicking on to embiggen, so you can see the look on his face!)

I didn't get a shot of the choir standing and singing, because I was videotaping that part. Poor relatives, next time you visit you will be subjected to it can watch it.

After the performance, we of course went out slices! Here we are at Transmetropolitan.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Knitted Earrings #2

I knitted these earrings today to wear to Mitch's choir performance tonight. He will be singing with the Athens Symphony Choir.

The earrings are the same size...they're just on an uneven surface. Silver colored craft wire and freshwater pearls.

Athens Yard

Photos from our Athens yard this week.

Pollen, pollen, and more pollen on my car.



Mitch's hops...

A sweet smelling tree reaches all the way up to my bedroom window...but I dare not open the window, because of...pollen!

View out of my yoga room window...that's a dogwood.

Back yard...dogwood.

More dogwood. We have 6 dogwoods on this lot.

Tulip with raindrops.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Ruth and Me

I did get to speak to my friend Ruth tonight, who is stationed in Okinawa at the current time. It was fantastic to hear from her! Here is the last time we saw each other in person, at my wedding in 2000. We went to the same undergraduate and graduate schools.