Monday, March 09, 2009

While We Were Gone

While we were in CA, Athens had the biggest snow storm the city's seen in many years. Small compared to the snow my Aunt Marty gets in Maine, but these Southerners don't know what to do with snow! (I lived in the Canadian Rockies for awhile in my youth, so I feel exempt from this rule. I also dealt with snow while living in the North Carolina mountains as an adult.)

The biggest scare for me was that the power was out while we were gone, and my cockatiel was here alone. He survived...I don't know how. Another knitter on Ravelry who lives in Athens, told me her power was out for 3 days. She also has a cockatiel that survived. (My book on cockatiels says they don't survive below 60 degrees.)

This photo is for Vanessa, my former roommate who hasn't had a good game of "Pirate" with Big Bird in awhile...He lives! He lives!

Here is a photo of the scene, from

Evidently our plant life doesn't know what to do with snow either. I was surprised by the damage only 5-6 inches of snow did.

Here is our climbing rose bush, flattened over.

Sigh. And remember the piles of lawn trash I blogged last week that we had pruned? The snow storm brought even more because of tree damage. Mainly on our beautiful dogwoods. Four of the dogwoods had limbs that just ripped. That, and the tall green shrub next to the ramp on the side of the house.

We've got two huge piles of stuff. All weekend, all we heard was saws in the neighborhood.

Poor dogwoods.

If you look, this is two limbs just torn, split in the middle.

Sigh. That tree was LOADED with leaf buds.

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Bethany said...

Oh, your poor garden!

I'm glad your cockatiel survived the harsh temps, though!