Monday, March 16, 2009

King Tut and TicketBastards

I hate TicketBastards! (Ticketmaster)

For my birthday, we are going to see the new King Tut exhibit. When I was a child (11 years old), my mom took me to see the first King Tut tour in the '70s. It made a huge impression on me. At that time, the exhibit only visited 7 cities in the U.S., and New Orleans was one of them. I still remember going and artifacts that I saw. I remember lots of gold wrought with mind-boggling craftsmanship.

This photo from the '70s tour looks like it could be from New Orleans, because of the columns at the entrance. It comes from the current tour's website page about the '70s tour.

Here's a video of the current exhibit tour. This one was in Philadelphia.

In the present day, we now have to deal with TicketBastards. Not only do we have to pay the ticket price, we had to pay $3.75 PER TICKET "convenience charge". Ok, fine. But THEN they want to charge and additional $3.50 if I want to print the ticket out myself, using my own paper and ink! WHAT?! Unbelievably, for the first time ever when using TicketBastards, "Will Call" was a choice...FREE. So of course I chose Will Call. (Getting the tickets through the mail costs $10 and up depending on shipping speed). Okay then.

Then I get to checkout, and on TOP of the $3.75 PER TICKET convenience charge, they tack on AN ADDITIONAL $3.50 "Order processing fee"! WTF?! All of this done electronically, with no intervention from a human, FOR EVERY PERSON WHO ORDERS. That is ridiculous. That's $11 in additional fees for ordering online and picking it up myself. And it would have been more if I'd printed on my own printer MYSELF, or had them mailed to me.

What is the convenience fee, if they then get to tack on an "order processing fee" on top of it? I will tell you what it is. STEALING.

Other online stores do NOT charge a convenience fee plus an ordering fee. I order from stores online regularly. NEVER have I had to pay extra fees.

Many of the concerts I get tickets to, do not even OFFER an option of going to the site's box office in person and buying tickets. You are FORCED to use TicketBastards. I. Hate. It.

When local band Widespread Panic plays Athens, I have seen them specifically say you can only get tickets at the box office in person, no TicketBastards. They also have ticket limits per person so you don't miss out because of scalpers.

We tried to get Foo Fighters tickets the minute they supposedly went on sale at TicketBastards, and the ENTIRE SHOW was Sold Out the minute the show went on sale! That is a lie. It was reported later that scalpers got them and tickets were being sold for $300 and up. (shakes head in disgust)

At any rate, I am still going to see the King Tut exhibit. With extra parking fee. You have to be almost as rich as King Tut to go see any concert or museum show these days.

I had to cheer myself up with Steve Martin as King Tut, with Henry Winkler (The Fonz) acting as prop hand behind him.

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subliminalrabbit said...

i am always blown away by those charges - especially the charges to print your own ticket. grrr!