Saturday, March 14, 2009

Haole Tourists

I admit to being a haole tourist, and I know for a fact that some Hawaiian musicians do make fun of tourists. Can't say that I blame them. One of the things that really disturbed me the first time I visited Honolulu was the disparity. Couture stores like Prada and Hermes in Waikiki, and then obvious poverty just a short distance away. Burned out and stripped cars on the sides of the roads. This spoof on the subject from Saturday Night Live is hilarious. It looks like The Rock can really hula! These are the kinds of hula moves I've seen done by legit hula schools performing; I've never seen any of that fast hip shaking stuff, or any grass skirts at all, on hula dancers. When the video starts, I have stood in that exact same place on that beach...which is Waikiki on O'ahu, not Kauai.


Sarah Hoffman said...

The Rock looks pretty good dancing, and it sounds like he has a pretty nice voice too.

Anonymous said...

I like to see the other side of HA by watching "Dog the Bounty Hunter." No doubt how the other half lives there. His show now has some pretty good music. I laugh everytime I see the sign "Da Kine Bail Bonds." Tonight he was in a Samoan neighborhood catching a Samoan meth user and appealing to his Samoan values, family, warrior, etc.