Saturday, March 28, 2009

Blast From The Past

I just snagged this photo from an old friend's Facebook page, Dawn Renfroe. It's the flag team we were on in high school. I don't have any of these photos so it is good to see one.

Dawn said this was taken at flag camp at SLU her sophomore year. So I was a junior.

I'm in the back row, third from the left. If you are reading this online on my blog, you can click to enlarge (I don't know if that works in the email feed; someone let me know?)

Friday, March 27, 2009


RUTH! I did not answer the phone just now because the call came through as Unknown. OMG! Please leave me a phone number to call you back. OH I am so sorry I missed your call. (It was 10:40 PM here for time difference calculations. I am often awake this late.)


Birthday Celebrating

Last weekend, while celebrating my birthday, we met up with friends Beth Rene' and Hajro in Atlanta to see the King Tut exhibit.

I neglected to get my traditional visit photo of them this is a previous one that I like.

We spotted a Cupcake Factory and went in...cupcakes all around! Except Mitch. Mitch abstained. Some people are independent like that.

I never abstain from chocolate. Neither does Hajro. Beth Rene' got red velvet.

Mitch outside the exhibit.

Here's what Mitch got me for my birthday! A very large surfboard Jimmy Buffett beer sign with a shark bite out of it. I LOVE IT!

And my buddy Trecia sent me this fantastic bowl she crocheted. It's jute with beads. It's fantastic.

Friday, March 20, 2009

I'm SO Jealous

My friend Bethany is going to see this band in Vancouver...I'm so jealous! Watch it closely; the brass and percussion ROCKS! And it's so refreshing to see guys who like to, and are able to, dance.

And showing their range, CACAW!

Athens Yard

What I saw in our yard this week.

Monday, March 16, 2009

King Tut and TicketBastards

I hate TicketBastards! (Ticketmaster)

For my birthday, we are going to see the new King Tut exhibit. When I was a child (11 years old), my mom took me to see the first King Tut tour in the '70s. It made a huge impression on me. At that time, the exhibit only visited 7 cities in the U.S., and New Orleans was one of them. I still remember going and artifacts that I saw. I remember lots of gold wrought with mind-boggling craftsmanship.

This photo from the '70s tour looks like it could be from New Orleans, because of the columns at the entrance. It comes from the current tour's website page about the '70s tour.

Here's a video of the current exhibit tour. This one was in Philadelphia.

In the present day, we now have to deal with TicketBastards. Not only do we have to pay the ticket price, we had to pay $3.75 PER TICKET "convenience charge". Ok, fine. But THEN they want to charge and additional $3.50 if I want to print the ticket out myself, using my own paper and ink! WHAT?! Unbelievably, for the first time ever when using TicketBastards, "Will Call" was a choice...FREE. So of course I chose Will Call. (Getting the tickets through the mail costs $10 and up depending on shipping speed). Okay then.

Then I get to checkout, and on TOP of the $3.75 PER TICKET convenience charge, they tack on AN ADDITIONAL $3.50 "Order processing fee"! WTF?! All of this done electronically, with no intervention from a human, FOR EVERY PERSON WHO ORDERS. That is ridiculous. That's $11 in additional fees for ordering online and picking it up myself. And it would have been more if I'd printed on my own printer MYSELF, or had them mailed to me.

What is the convenience fee, if they then get to tack on an "order processing fee" on top of it? I will tell you what it is. STEALING.

Other online stores do NOT charge a convenience fee plus an ordering fee. I order from stores online regularly. NEVER have I had to pay extra fees.

Many of the concerts I get tickets to, do not even OFFER an option of going to the site's box office in person and buying tickets. You are FORCED to use TicketBastards. I. Hate. It.

When local band Widespread Panic plays Athens, I have seen them specifically say you can only get tickets at the box office in person, no TicketBastards. They also have ticket limits per person so you don't miss out because of scalpers.

We tried to get Foo Fighters tickets the minute they supposedly went on sale at TicketBastards, and the ENTIRE SHOW was Sold Out the minute the show went on sale! That is a lie. It was reported later that scalpers got them and tickets were being sold for $300 and up. (shakes head in disgust)

At any rate, I am still going to see the King Tut exhibit. With extra parking fee. You have to be almost as rich as King Tut to go see any concert or museum show these days.

I had to cheer myself up with Steve Martin as King Tut, with Henry Winkler (The Fonz) acting as prop hand behind him.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Haole Tourists

I admit to being a haole tourist, and I know for a fact that some Hawaiian musicians do make fun of tourists. Can't say that I blame them. One of the things that really disturbed me the first time I visited Honolulu was the disparity. Couture stores like Prada and Hermes in Waikiki, and then obvious poverty just a short distance away. Burned out and stripped cars on the sides of the roads. This spoof on the subject from Saturday Night Live is hilarious. It looks like The Rock can really hula! These are the kinds of hula moves I've seen done by legit hula schools performing; I've never seen any of that fast hip shaking stuff, or any grass skirts at all, on hula dancers. When the video starts, I have stood in that exact same place on that beach...which is Waikiki on O'ahu, not Kauai.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What I'm Listening to Today

It's warm and! Althea and Donna, "Uptown Top Ranking".

Monday, March 09, 2009

While We Were Gone

While we were in CA, Athens had the biggest snow storm the city's seen in many years. Small compared to the snow my Aunt Marty gets in Maine, but these Southerners don't know what to do with snow! (I lived in the Canadian Rockies for awhile in my youth, so I feel exempt from this rule. I also dealt with snow while living in the North Carolina mountains as an adult.)

The biggest scare for me was that the power was out while we were gone, and my cockatiel was here alone. He survived...I don't know how. Another knitter on Ravelry who lives in Athens, told me her power was out for 3 days. She also has a cockatiel that survived. (My book on cockatiels says they don't survive below 60 degrees.)

This photo is for Vanessa, my former roommate who hasn't had a good game of "Pirate" with Big Bird in awhile...He lives! He lives!

Here is a photo of the scene, from

Evidently our plant life doesn't know what to do with snow either. I was surprised by the damage only 5-6 inches of snow did.

Here is our climbing rose bush, flattened over.

Sigh. And remember the piles of lawn trash I blogged last week that we had pruned? The snow storm brought even more because of tree damage. Mainly on our beautiful dogwoods. Four of the dogwoods had limbs that just ripped. That, and the tall green shrub next to the ramp on the side of the house.

We've got two huge piles of stuff. All weekend, all we heard was saws in the neighborhood.

Poor dogwoods.

If you look, this is two limbs just torn, split in the middle.

Sigh. That tree was LOADED with leaf buds.

Friday, March 06, 2009

First Attempt at Knitted Jewelry

Made these in CA...they are wire and freshwater pearls.

earrings version 1

Trip to CA

A few photos from our trip to CA to see DH's family.

The flight across the country...

This is in CA...the mountain range was totally black as were some areas on the flat. Looks burned.

Here we are at our traditional stop when reaching L.A. - Gladstone's restaurant in Malibu. I love it.

Beach flower and bee right in front of Gladstone's...

View outside the restaurant...

View of the restaurant from the beach...

This one is for my mom...

As always, I like to try unfamiliar foods while traveling. We got these in the panaderia section of a Mexican grocery store. The watermelon one did not taste like watermelon. It's sort of like a cookie, but different. The other one tasted like a cakey doughnut. They were both HUGE, these were enough for four people.

Harmonic convergence...while in CA, Mitch called Aunt Mary, who is the aunt of Mitch's longtime friend Chuck, to wish her a happy birthday. When Aunt Mary found out Mitch was in Bakersfield, she told him that Chuck (who lives in CO) was right that moment traveling to Bakersfied in a U-Haul, moving his brother to CO! They would have gone across the top of the state, but a bad snow storm drove them south to Bakersfield instead and we met them a few hours after the call! Mitch and Chuck have not seen each other in 8 years.

L to R: Chuck, Mitch, and Richard (Chuck's brother).

Here's a more planned meeting...I met online Ravelry buddy SubliminalRabbit in person (Ravelry is an online site for knitters and crocheters). She lives in Venice Beach, lucky woman! We met at the Tiki Ti in Hollywood for after work cocktails. We had a great time talking with SubliminalRabbit, who is just as friendly in person as she is online. I plan using her knitting pattern to make a pair of Bella's Mittens, from the movie Twilight.

Mitch took this one with the menu in the background as "proof" that I was in the Tiki Ti.

After the Tiki Ti, we had late night breakfast at Mel's Diner on the Sunset Strip. We also drove through Bel Air, but it was dark so I could not get pictures. It was GORGEOUS. Those are real estates, there. They make New Orleans mansions look like garage guest houses.

Leaving L.A....

Back at the Atlanta airport...down in the walkway, there is a large art installment of African art that I always admire. This time I got a few shots of my favorites...

This one is my very favorite, it is a sculpture of a Secretary Bird. It really captures birdlike qualities and attitude.