Monday, February 23, 2009

Our Weekend

It's time for one of the rare "lawn and leaf" pickups of trash, so we got busy this weekend.

Only half this pile is ours...the bottom half is the neighbor's. Mitch pruned 5 or so crape myrtles, shrubs and other volunteer trees. He also scythed the back yard bed which badly needed it.

Here's all the yard waste I bagged. Mostly from the back yard bed and the monster Cherokee Rose bush that I pruned.

Here's the Cherokee Rose, AFTER pruning. Did I mention it's a monster? It also demands a blood sacrifice when you prune it. You have to prune it. Otherwise, it will take over the world.

And here is one of my recent FOs, the knitted Calorimetry (free pattern on knitty).

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Lee-n-nola said...

Ai! Dios mio. It's the wrong time of year to prune the crepe myrtles. They're full of buds. Having had my own run in with the Cherokee Rose, I am very impressed with how much you were able to wack it back. You need a little electric chain saw. That thing is dangerous.