Thursday, January 08, 2009

Safe Journey, Dee!

My grandmother passed away this morning in the hospital. She was 90 years old. After being admitted two days ago, she was nonresponsive. Mitch and I sat with her yesterday and while we were there, the nurse said it would be a good thing to play music for her, since hearing is the last thing to go. Luckily Mitch had an auxillary hard drive in his bag along with his laptop, and was able to pull up some Hank Williams, Sr. A radio show. It was really good.

As the music played, her face did smooth out and relax.

Here's one of the songs.

This photo is from this past summer, on her 90th birthday.

When it's my turn, this is what I want playing. And this.


Sarah Hoffman said...

Dee was a special lady. I'm glad you got her those chicken wings. She will be missed.

Trev Diesel said...

My prayers are with you and the family, Celeste.