Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Family Strife

It's an all too common occurrence. Someone dies in a family, and one or more remaining family members turn ugly and mean...ripping and clawing at others. That's what's going on in my family right now, after the death of my grandmother.

Today some wonderful knitters/crocheters from the Ravelry Twilighters group (Twilighter: someone obsessed with all things Twilight) sent me some funny videos to lift my spirits. How great!

Their lightheartedness really helps.

This one is super funny and was sent by Hollye. It will not allow embedding, but please click the link because it is sooo funny. Supernatural Eye of the Tiger. I could watch this a million times. A gazillion times.

Feistyyoungbeden sent the 3-2-1 Contact intro...

And Tiggzie sent some Tranformers.

Grendelsmother sent a very appropriate one for Twilighters...Morgan Freeman as Dracula taking a bath in a casket.


PrincessPea said...

Ugh, I'm so sorry to hear that. It's a time when I always hope people will come together and support each other, but my experience sounds similar to yours - deaths have really brought out the worst in my family members.

Hope it all blows over before too longs.

Michael Dickson said...

Ripping and clawing . . . yipes! Sounds like a great time to live in Mexico.