Sunday, December 07, 2008

Thanksgiving New Orleans

Didn't get many photos during Thanksgiving in my hometown, New Orleans...was too busy relaxing with family members and having a good time. Here are the very few that I did get.

Here's my patient sister, waiting for Mom and me at the yarn store.

We spotted a sousaphone parade going on in the French Quarter, and spotted Bonerama musician Craig Klein. WE LOVE BONERAMA!!!!! Click on link to hear a sample. I got footage of the parade too, will post later.

View from our hotel, the Dauphine Orleans.

Street musicians on Royal St. in the French Quarter, they were really good.

View from our table at Cafe' du Monde. I can't stay in the Quarter without getting some beignets.

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Bethany said...

One of those street musicians is in that video I posted the other day, from Playing for Change. I can't remember his name.