Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We are Home

We made it safely home! I have more photos and video to share in the coming days.

Tried a new fruit from Chinatown, Mangosteen (last time we tried Dragonfruit).

It's rarely available in the United States. Read more about it by clicking on the Mangosteen link above.

below: the tray of mangosteens in Chinatown where I purchased one. One fruit cost $2.70...it was $10 a pound and Wikipedia says it can go for up to $45 a pound in New York City.

Here's what it looks like when cut open. You eat the white part. It's sort of like tangerine sections. Except softer and some parts of it are gel-like.

It was very sweet, hard to describe. Wikipedia says some upscale NYC restaurants serve it as a dessert.

On our last full day in Honolulu, we unexpectedly came upon this Hawaiian Pueo Owl sitting on a fence between the downtown library and I'olani Palace. Very rare, this species of owl is on the endangered list and is endemic to the Hawaiian islands (not found anywhere else in the world). A woman walked up and said she'd lived on O'ahu for her entire life and never seen one before. A clerk at our hotel said it made the local paper. Here's my photo.

Before leaving for the airport on Sunday, we went back to Art at the Zoo Fence and got photos of 2 of the artists whose work we had purchased.

Here is Yuri Farrant with his photos on canvas. An Emmy award winning cinematographer, he has worked on movies such as "What Dreams May Come" and "Abyss" among many others, and loads of commercials.

We purchased his bamboo forest near the top center of the photo. The one near the wave. It will be about 5 ft. long and 2.5 ft. high.

Another wonderful artist was Hey Hirayama. We got 3 of his paintings.

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Bethany said...

I've never tried a mangosteen. Now I'm very curious. It looks a bit like a lychee inside.

What luck seeing that owl!