Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Video For My Mom

I took this camera video of a moving sculpture at the Contemporary Arts Museum for my mom.

The main exhibition was traveling one, about puppets. It had puppets in many media...marionettes, hand puppets, sculptures of puppets, claymation videos, movie skits with marionettes, paper cutout silhouette puppet movies in black and white, and even one installation of 3 marionettes with wires attached to a ceiling mechanism. The marionettes would tap dance at intervals powered by the machine. One odd one was a film of marionettes, with the marionettes themselves in the viewing room with us humans, watching themselves from the front row.

The puppet exhibit was freaky, moving and scary. One offering was described on the museum description page as "couldn't be more offensive". Several of the offerings depicted graphic sexual abuse and murder. Really, really weird. The entire exhibit had a parental warning on it, but people were still taking their kids in. (We didn't know any of this before going.)

Go here to see a photo of one of the paper silhouette puppet scenes, and a description of the show.

My favorite part was the end of the show, where there was a bulletin board with pins. The museum asked for viewers to write their reactions to the show and pin them up. Most of them said it was scary and would give them bad dreams, as well as some mentioning fear of clowns (I don't like clowns either, ever since hearing about that Steven King book).

After escaping the puppets, I relaxed on the grounds with this moving sculpture and took video of it to share with Mom. Nothing scary or offensive about this video. Just peaceful.

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Anonymous said...

I love this video. Didthe wind move the sculpture? It moves in ways that seem to defy natural laws. I wish I could have seen the puppet shows. Especially the oves of the puppets sitting in the front row watching the movie.
That makes me think of the science fiction movie win which two robots and a human sat in the front row wisecracking and critiquing the moviel. Do you remember it? Yomaman