Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Honolulu Fabric Mart

Here's a photo of Fabric Mart, taken from the bus stop where we were sitting after shopping there. We purchased fabric for our living room curtains that I will make, plus fabric for a muumuu and a pareo for me.

Below: here's the fabric for curtains. It will really tie together the vintage blue sofa and retro green chairs we have. We saw curtain samples hanging in the shop window. The aloha fabrics really looked nice as curtains, with the sun shining behind them.

I intend to make the full length pareo with the fabric below it.

I noticed that these patterns have all the sizes in one, unlike most mainland patterns. These are petite up to XL for this pattern, and XXL for the other one. I'll make this muumuu with the fabric below it.

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