Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Hawaii: Sunday Day and Night

Saw this rainbow from our lanai Sunday morning. Wish my camera would have better captured the image. (Online friends, click to enlarge and you can see the rainbow better, AND the surfers under it.)

This photo is for my mom and Don, they know why.

Here we are with Andy Sexton.

Sunset and torches behind us.

Mai Tai for TRECIA! Oh and um, there in the background right is one of those Keoke coffees I keep having for Mavis. Dem are good. Too good.

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Anonymous said...

Celeste's - Maybe you can help me. I know that Andy Sexton used to have a band called Simplisity. I recently unpacked our CDs (we were military for 22 years) and our Pure Jawaiian CD is missing. The story is that I proposed to my wife with the music "You look wonderful tonight" in the back ground. I even called the radio station and requested it and they said both our names so this is our wedding song. Well, we wanted to renew our vows and now I cannot find the CD. Since you know Andy Sexton, can you ask him how I can get a copy of this CD??? I am desperate as I am calling all the Jelly's there on the island. We lived in Hawaii from 81 to 92. I have been searching all over the web to find this CD... If you can help, please email me at mellis@woh.rr.com We now live in Dayton, Oh. I have a daughter that lives on Oahu and unfortunetly she is not as thrilled searching for the CD as I am. Thank you for any assistance. Mark Ellis