Saturday, October 04, 2008

Hawaii Days 2& 3

Today was art buying day. On the weekend, local artists sell their art on the fence around the Honolulu zoo. The biggest thing I don't have a photo will be delivered. We got a huge, HUGE photograph of bamboo forest that will be printed onto canvas with 200 year ink. For the living room.

I chose this acrylic painting by a Japanese man named Hey who has lived on Oahu for 20 years. He's moving back to Tokyo in 2 months. Very nice man. He wrote a receipt for us in Japanese with our names in Japanese characters.

Mitch chose this painting by the same artist, for Mitch's office. It's a trompe l'oeil of a paper cutout of Diamondhead crater, and a stylized turtle, all on one piece (photographed on our room's lanai).

Mitch also purchased this from the same Japanese artist... an acrylic scene of Waikiki. The artist said he used to be an architect, thus the more stylized forms he painted for the buildings (photographed on the bedspread...kinda blends in). This one is for Mitch's office, too.

I chose this acrylic done by a Hawaiian painter, Ha'o.

After lunch, we spotted a gallery where we purchased these amazing photographs by a North Shore photographer, Clark Little.

If you look at the top right of the sand swirling up (that's sand inside the wave being borne up), to me it looks like the face of a Hawaiian person with a sweet smile and closed eyes.

Here's the view off our lanai yesterday, all the dots are surfers. (Online? Click to embiggen.)

Mitch, boat and Diamondhead.

Here's me in my latest knit top I made. I was stopped twice last night by women inquiring about it.

Mitch was invited to play a set last night with the band Simplisity. His friends John and Andy Sexton are part of the band. There's John playing drums behind Mitch. They played at the Honolulu Yacht Club. I got video footage, will post later.

Nice fountain we saw today; periodically, water would gush up at random places in the fountain. It reads:

O Ka Wai Leo Mopua Ke Lono Nei

I hear the sweetly voiced water,
Let it ripple,
Let it rise,
Let it flow.

Cody Pueo Pata

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How wonderful your pictures of the ocean. It looks so relaxing.