Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Downtown Honolulu Church

While walking downtown to see 'Iolani Palace, we happened upon a beautiful church...I believe it's Episcopalian. Inside were two very moving paintings.

This one shows a torn painting of the Queen with her ghostly hand reaching out, clasping a rose, while propped onto a second painting. In the foreground is sheet music; she was an accomplished song writer. I wish I knew more about this painting and will try to find out about it.

It drives me up a tree that Hawaiian history is not taught on the mainland. We conquered them for business reasons and no one talks about it, knows about it, or wants to hear about it. Unconscionable.

There was also this wonderful painting, set in the church itself, showing a homeless man resting inside the church and attended by ghostly priests. I hope he gets help from live priests, too.

Close-up. You can see the stained glass window; these are a main feature of this church.

Here's one of the real windows. They crank open (this one is open). One one side of this very large church/cathedral, all the windows are dedicated in memoriam to someone.

There was also a kahili (feather standard) here. I saw a mind boggling display of these at the Bishop Museum but did not get photos there. These standards indicated the presence of royalty and were painstakingly made with bird feathers. Hundreds and hundreds of feathers. (I'm not sure what this one is doing in a Christian church...)

Here's a photo from the Honolulu Star Bulletin of a few of the kahili in the Bishop Museum. To understand how tall these are...the paintings are at eye level. Read more here from the article.

And on the grounds of the church, St. Francis.

Above the entrance:

A detail from inside the church:

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