Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Asheville Fiber Festival

Last weekend I attended a fiber festival in Asheville ( Fiber, as in yarn. There were also fiber animals there, and classes (I took two classes).

Mitch and I met up with our friend Stan there and had a wonderful visit. It was so good to see Stan again and spend time together. Except that he went into booths I hadn't and then I wound up spending way more money. It's your fault Stan! 8-) Never, ever follow another knitter into booths on the second day, when you think you finished all your shopping on the first day. That way lies madness.

(except that is how I got that wonderful angora absolute favorite. I would have never touched it if Stan hadn't been in there touching it. Thank you Stan! Now I need to get another job so I can support an angora craving. I need more. Much, much more. SO much more.)

Here's some photos! (When viewing online, you can click to enlarge.)

The main sales arena and workshop area...there were two levels filled with booths.

SAFF 041

Guys in sheep hats they knitted of them is a ram, not a ewe:

SAFF 100

SAFF 101

Here is Dianne in her booth...she's an indie yarn dyer and I bought a wonderful skein of sock yarn from her:

SAFF 007

A hand felted scarf I made in a class (using bubble wrap and a pool noodle). I saw a similar one made using the same method for sale in an Asheville boutique for $150:

SAFF 120

A hand felted pillow top I made, felting loose locks onto wool batting (again with a pool noodle and bubble wrap...although some needle felting was needed at one corner):

SAFF 118

An angora bunny...soooo cute:

SAFF 015

An alpaca...luckily he did not spit at me:

SAFF 056

An angora goat...they make mohair:

SAFF 063

Silk cocoons!

SAFF 046

A Jacob's sheep...he has four horns! He's looking down so you are seeing the back of his head.

SAFF 074

Me, going seriously overbudget on:

Hand dyed yarn for a retro poncho I will make:

SAFF 125

The hand dyed yarn by Dianne:

SAFF 128

The jewel to beat all jewels EVER, a skein of 100% angora bunny yarn that I have already knitted up into a scarf:

SAFF 122

SAFF 123

A Fair Isle "yarn bowl", already in use for the hat I'm making. The bowl's weight keeps it in place, no sliding. It has two holes in it, one on each side, to separate the yarn colors and keep them from tangling while knitting. It's genius:

SAFF 137

SAFF 136

SAFF 140

A bag of loose locks the teacher insisted on giving me when I offered to help unload her truck of class supplies:

SAFF 130

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Bethany said...

Great bowl!

That Angora looks amazing!

What are you going to do with the locks?