Monday, September 15, 2008

Today's Paint Progress

Forgot to get a real "Before" photo...

This is a "Before" photo after we moved all the construction stuff off the porch, and Mitch finished ripping down the rotted screen. Then I cleaned the porch, scrubbed with trisodium phosphate to get off dirt and mold, and scrubbed with a large steel bristle brush to get off the extremely hardy and stuck on roots of the ivy that the previous owner had growing INSIDE the porch and through the rotted screen. This view is from the living room. The carport is beyond the porch. When the porch is finished, I'll hang bamboo curtains on that side so the carport and cars are camouflaged from view.

That dirt patch inside the porch is where they had ivy growing. We are going to make it into a tiled fountain using the leftover tiles from the kitchen remodel.

Here's the front that Mitch framed in a few months ago on the porch, unpainted. Previously, only one side was screened, and the front was just open to the elements. This was yesterday's progress, getting it all cleaned and scrubbed. That sliding glass door leads to the dining room...the porch has two sliding glass entrances.

Today I put primer on all around the porch. Here you can see the two sliding glass entrances.

Finished the primer except for that one patch of HardiPlank. So close! That's the view from the dining room. Big wisteria right there. Monster wisteria. Beautiful in Spring. And that ivy, growing around its base. I saw a display at the botanical garden here that said that ivy is a non-native, invasive plant that ideally people would not use.

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PrincessPea said...

This was cool to look at - I love peeking into people's homes!