Friday, September 26, 2008


Some of us knitters get a lot of pleasure out of a good project bag. On her last visit, my mom gave me a bunch of project bags, and two of them are PERFECT for airplane travel.

DH and I will be jetting off next week for vacation, and I'll have a project that I've been looking forward to working on for a long time...the Cross Country Chullo. It's an earflap hat with a motif of skiers and snowflakes knitted in Fair Isle.

Thanks to mom, I'll have my yarn, pattern, charts and needles tucked into this fabulous water resistant drawstring bag, with my stitch markers, tiny sewing kit scissors and Post-It notes (for keeping my place on the charts) in the matching zippered bag. Two sets of double pointed needles...OMG! That's 10 needles in total (only 5 in use at a time).


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Bethany said...

Sa-weet! What a great travel project!

I've never used Jamiesons. Let me know how it is.