Monday, September 22, 2008

Porch Progress (Not Done Yet)

Yesterday we got the screen stapled on. It was definitely a 2-person job. Thank goodness we now have a compression stapler...what an amazing tool. I still have to paint the trim that goes on top of the screen all around, and on the supports. Then we will put the trim on.

The part of the screen on the side farthest away...Mitch built that structure. When we bought the house, only the close part was framed in (and the screen was rotten). The other side was completely open with no frame. Good job, Mitch!

We used special pet resistant screen made of fiberglass, since Stevie cat is known to climb screens.

After we were done stapling the screen on, I drug 2 chairs out and we christened it with a tiki beverage. (This isn't the furniture that will stay out there, though.)

The original builders of this porch had a lot of time on their hands! Someone used a jigsaw to cut a piece of trim to fit the bricks of the house, like a puzzle.

It goes on like this:

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Trecia said...

What a lovely relaxing area you will have when your screened in porch is done, it looks GREAT! I'm sure all the animals will enjoy spending time there too.