Sunday, September 21, 2008


8-) Like, omigod. For our upcoming EIGHTH ANNIVERSARY (woot!), Mitch got us tickets to see AC/DC! I grew up on AC/DC and was a big fan. Had their vinyl album, wish I still had it. Finally I get to see them. Last year we got to see The Police (totally rocked). Seeing everyone as an adult can be strange. Not too long ago we saw Joan Jett and the place was packed with middle aged surburban looking people who had dug their leathers out of the closet. That was not pretty.

Last night we saw a guy about our age wearing a Styx t-shirt that said, "Classic Rock MY ASS!" LOL


Bethany said...

Holy crap!

The concert here sold out in four minutes.

Anonymous said...

Well, I still can't tell if there are "bad words" in that song, but I liked it. Don said they sound like whiney children. I thought the lead singer sounded more like Jagger, but higher pitch. Sounded like rocknroll to me. Yomama