Thursday, September 04, 2008

More Evacuation Photos

Evacuation = chocolate. Five of us ate these two pieces of cake, but that's not the only chocolate we had this week. We thought the sugar decorations on top of the cake slices were pretty.

Yesterday, us girls went to the Botanical Garden. We were surprised at how fantastic it was...a really superior garden. There's an air conditioned and spotless tropical conservatory that includes a really nice lunch cafe (cold bar, hot bar, "all bars", soup and desserts). All the tables had beautiful potted plants on them. There's an outside garden and five miles of wooded trails.

(Note: Don was here too, I just didn't get a photo of him. He was golfing! We also had their two dogs and two cats.)

Mom and me.

Me and sister Sarah.

This is a giant red okra plant! I've never seen anything like it before. More garden photos next time I post.

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Anonymous said...

If you must evacuate, my motto is "Evacuate early. Evacuate often. No pet left behind. (a lesson from Katrina). Celeste and Mitch are the ultimate evacuation hosts! I don't know how they put up with all of us (2 fighting dogs, two cats, three people - all with their own strong opinions!!!)...and we didn't have even one argument. We are all very very sweet beings. LOL Possibly, this is due at least partially to tiki cocktail hour, and Mitch's beer. Don says the latest batch is Mitch's best ever!!!! The Mama