Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lacy Summer Tank

Finally finished making this Lacy Summer Tank. I will have fun wearing it on vacation in Hawaii!

This pattern can be purchased at


Trecia said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!! You look like a million bucks in that top it's beautiful and so are you.

Bethany said...

Oh, it's so lovely! And looks amazing on you! You must be thrilled to bits. 8^)

Anonymous said...

Heyyy!!! It looks even better now that it's finished and on you. You look great. What was that song about unraveling someone's sweater? Don't let any unravelers near this treasure.

I am still knitting a scarf. All knit stitches. I am sooo amazed at how you teach yourself these things! You know how much trouble I have with the directions.
Wish your home ec teacher from grade 9 could see you now!!