Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Labor Day Evacuation

My parents and sister evacuated from New Orleans ahead of time and joined us at our home in Athens.

Here's my sister and hubby while we were hanging out at a specialty brew pub.

Poor Dakota is having a tummy problem. We had to resort to human Depends on her. Dakota does NOT like wearing a diaper.


PrincessPea said...

I hope they and their home were ok.

Anonymous said...

Princess Pea, thanks for your concern. Our current rented home is just fine, and hopefully we'll complete renovations soon on our house. It had no damage. We are all just tired out from the meteorlogical tension. I ate my way through Athens, GA, but somehow the scale says I didn't gain an ounce. I'm keeping and eye on my snacks just in case it's a delayed reaction. The Mama