Friday, September 19, 2008

Knittin' fer Hawaii

Since today be "Talk Like A Pirate Day", I be changin' me text t' sea dog-speak. Translate yer own blog here:

Th' swabbieal blog o' Celeste C. Dickson.

Hopin' t' get another tank done before our vacation in Hawaii. Th' green yarn be used around th' orange, as a pipin'.

Th' original pattern, Cleo by Stefanie Japel, has this tank comin' below th' booty, wi' an orange stripe wi' th' green pipin' at th' bottom. I be goin' t' try makin' mine much shorter...I dasn't need a horizontal orange stripe at me rear. 8-)

Th' fabric be a very open weave, requirin' somethin' underneath. Since I strongly dislike th' current trend o' lettin' bra/camisole straps show an' couldna find a t-aft cami, I purchased this cami in Modal fabric an' will cut th' straps off an' sew 't in as a linin'. 'tis jus' th' starboard shape t' fit th' tank in that manner.

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