Saturday, August 02, 2008

Taste of Home (New Orleans)

In my heart, New Orleans will always be my home and I consider myself to be a New Orleans ex-patriate. It's definitely a culture all it's own, unmatched anywhere else.

Near our Athens, GA home are some other NOLA ex-pats, who run a restaurant called Big Easy Cafe'. They came from Metairie (N.O. suburb). They get their po' boy bread shipped in from Gambino's bakery in New Orleans. Their food is LEGIT. Of all the "New Orleans" restaurants outside of NOLA that I've been to, it's the ONLY one that has bona fide New Orleans food. Their fried shrimp are PERFECT. And it's hard not to get teary when I go in there and hear them speaking Y'at (New Orleans accent and somewhat a dialect). "Where y'at?"

Here, Mitch and I split a shrimp po' boy and add Caesar salad. If only they would follow my suggestion to play WWOZ radio (listen online here) in their restaurant! Then it would be perfect. (Instead of soft rock Top 40, blecch.)

Of course, in New Orleans I think you'd be more likely to get fries next to your po' boy rather than something green...


New Orleans Ladder said...

Hey Ms. Celeste! You hang on grrl Hang On. I know how you feel too...strange places wit'odd customes...and NO POPEYE'S!
Actually, it has shown me another thing about New Orleans food, like that in your picture: such food Looks like new Orleans food in a photo. Don't know how to explain it, other than to say it might be the Gambino's bread...or it could be the sound of my stomach cryin!
I hung you onto today's Ladda.

Thanks for making a po boy gladder,
Editilla~~New Orleans Ladder

Celeste said...

Editilla...d'jeet yet?! 8-)