Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Favorite Olympics Moments

If I need to identify these photos for you, you really missed a thrilling, historic and dramatic Olympics.

I blame my new sports interest on my mom. Once you've gone through a few Tour de France races with your mom calling you on the cell yelling, "Merde! Peloton!", you become a sports convert. Except not football. I'm not a football fan. Or golf (sorry, Don).

I will never forget the day my mom and I put my hubby in the car, and drove an hour and a half to an Athens sports bar so we could watch Lance's last Tour de France since the tv at our mountain house only got 3 stations, and no cable. There we were, two women yelling at the television while my husband looked on.

Of course, completing a marathon and half marathon and getting my own medals has increased my interest in sports. Especially individual sports.

Just last week, it was ME who was asking the bartender in a restaurant to please turn on the Olympics. Once it was on, a horde of fratties stood rapt in their khakies and flip flops, watching.

Here are my most memorable moments of the Games (although there were more):

Oksana Chusovitina, THIRTY THREE year old Bronze medalist in gymnastics (vault).

Dana Torres, FORTY ONE year old Silver medalist in swimming; she missed Gold by one one-thousandth of second. I thought she was going to cry right on the medal stand. She is one fierce competitor. These first two really redefine fitness and all the excuses people have.

Dalhausser, the Thin Beast. He's 6'9".

The Professor (Todd Rogers) and The Thin Beast win Gold.

Usain Bolt wins Gold.

May and Walsh repeat for Gold.

Men's Relay wins Gold, Answers French swimmer's trash talk.

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Trecia said...

Right On C, great pics, great two weeks of competition what fun to be glued to the t.v for something positive for a change!!!