Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm So Proud of My Husband

Mitch has furnished his office! And I'm very impressed with how he did it. He found an Atlanta dealer who gets used office furniture from businesses that are closing down. Most of this stuff came from a Countrywide insurance branch. The items look practically brand new, and are solid wood, not the particle board junk like at the office stores.

Mitch furnished his entire office, including the administrative assistant's office, his office, student intern's office and a conference room for an amount that I've seen people pay for a dining table and chairs. Unbelievable! And the furniture looks GREAT. Everything, even the chairs are from this one vendor.

Below: conference room table and chairs, plus a bookcase.

below: additional seating and table in conference room. Alcove to the right will hold a mini-fridge and microwave later.

below: conference room bookcase and a second end table.

below: student (or associate) office...desk, chair and credenza. Guest chair.

below: student's office bookcase and the guest chair.

below: two really good filing cabinets in the front room.

below: Front room (for admin)...the filing cabinets again and the admin's desk, work chair, and two large storage credenzas.

Another view of admin's space.

Mitch's office...desk, credenza and work chair. Guest chair barely visible.

below: Mitch's office, guest chair, bookcase, corner of desk.

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