Saturday, August 02, 2008

I Have the Best Husband in the World!

I know, I know. My friend Beth Rene' undoubtedly thinks that SHE has the best husband in the world! 8-) We searched high and low, and we finally found The Best Husbands in the World.

Mitch was away on business this week, in Austin, where we used to live. He managed to go to both of our favorite restaurants there, Chuy's and Hula Hut. Sadly he was not able to bring me back a chile relleno or an order of coconut shrimp, but he did bring me back these restaurant t-shirts that are amazingly to my taste. I like anything suggestive of Hawaii, the tropics, and the beach. Comes from living almost 8 years in the Georgia mountains and being very tired of it.

We won't be moving to the beach, though. I learned that NOT living in your vacation destination is what makes it...a vacation. Gotta keep the mystery.

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