Thursday, August 14, 2008

Goats on the Roof

Here's a place I've been wanting to stop and photograph for awhile now...Goats on the Roof, a shop near Clayton, Georgia. It sells produce, jams and ice cream.

It's claim to fame is...goats on the roof! Seriously!

Some of us have been wondering when a car crash is going to happen in front of it, since it is situated on the edge of a four lane highway. People speed by, craning looks at the goats.

Here's what it looks like from the road. It has several buildings with ramps connecting them, and goat houses on top of the roof. Roofs? Rooves?

Ramps and suspension bridges...

Goats on the roof...

The goats are very interested in the people below, because there are crank apparatus whereby you can (for a fee) raise up metal cups of goat chow.

Here's some head butting going on...saw quite a few instances of head butting.

Check out these goat houses on top of one of the roofs.

Goats fighting over chow that has been cranked up by a human.

Goat staring at a human, trying to get more chow.

I love the ears on this one.

This goat is gnawing on a metal bolt. Goats will gnaw on anything. When I was young, we had a goat and it would eat the paper off tin cans if it could get one. It would also girdle trees, killing them. (That's when a goat eats a strip of bark off all around the tree. Then the tree cannot bring up nutrients.)

That chain thing you see is the mechanism for sending up the chow in a metal cup.

This little goat, on the ground, is the one that finally got me to cough up some change for some chow. It ate it right out of my hands. Until the big goats came charging down and took over.

Soooooo CUTE!


Sonia said...

I love this! Great photos and a fun place to imagine. I have an odd question, though: was there goat poo falling from the roof/bridges? Inquiring minds...

Celeste said...

Answer: Yes. 8-)

Trev Diesel said...

Ha, my Goodness! That is cute, funny and ... and bizarre as hell! And THAT is a good mix! Thanks for sharing this, what a fun post.

Anonymous said...

That little goat is named, Red. I met her once in my travels. She's a little lady too, always proper and mindful of the feelings of others. I love that you got good shots of their wonderful horizontal goaty pupils!!!! I miss goats. The falling poo is called "nanny berries." Thank goodness it's dry and not too smelly. They don't eat the paper off cans Celeste, but they do like the glue, or licking anything that might be left in the can. They love to get into the garden and eat everything they can snap up while you are chasing them. Mwwwaaaaaaaa, they laugh at you while they run away taking nibbles as they go. They especially love fresh herbs - the same kind that many humans enjoy - with the same effects! And they will knock you down to get a taste of cigarette tobacco. It's a good way to get them into the barn at night and supposedly the tobacco kills worms, but I don't think goats actually get worms. I need a goat badly, but I believe that would be a violation of zoning laws here. A goat and a mule would be just the thing! Mwwwwaaaaaaaaaa. Escrow