Thursday, July 17, 2008

Prize Package

I won a prize pack on the Selfish Knitters board on, proving that our Selfish Knitters moderators aren't so selfish after all!

I think 6 people won a prize pack. We had to answer questions and do tasks, like write a haiku about our mascot, write a poem about another knitter, show our favorite selfish knitted item, make up our ideal yarn name and colorway, and decide what we'd want in our knitting bag if we were stranded on an island (I wanted enough yarn to crochet a hammock with).

Here's what I won! Two wonderful skeins of a hemp blend yarn, "Hempathy", and a sample of Soak (wool wash), all donated by moderators, not sure who. A femo needle holder made by Holysimian. A Selfish Knitters name badge by Andreainblue, and I'm assuming she's the source of the letterhead Selfish Knitters writing pad too. A gorgeous Selfish Knitters stitch marker featuring an image of our mascot, handmade by Apryl. A round Selfish Knitters mascot button from SupaCindy. And TWO Charms Blowpops!

What a great package to receive in the mail from cyber buddies. I was thrilled.

Selfish Knitters Prize Pack

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