Wednesday, July 23, 2008

OMG! Knitting AAAAargh!

Was just about to finish the second shoulder strap on my first knitted LACE item, a Lacy Summer Tank. Held the completed back up to the front to see how it was lining up, and discovered...AAARGH!

I messed up and knitted 11 lace repeats instead of 9 on the back...that's a huge difference.

I have to rip out 15 and a half inches down the back, that's many days, if not weeks, of work! I could try picking out the already finished bottom edge and ripping UP, but... If I rip down from the top, the stitches have not been knotted off yet. AND, it will force me to correct a couple "wonks" in my knitting that I spied way too late to make me want to correct before.

Then I'll have to knit back up to the top again!

I decided, as long as I'm ripping, I might as well make it PERFECT. So this afternoon I spent a good amount of time ripping out what I'd done last night on the first shoulder strap, so I can apply what I learned from that and make it absolutely right.

Here's a photo of the discrepancy (right when I thought I was going to get to wear it this week!):


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Alayna and Elie said...

Must have been frustrating to rip out so much, but like you said, you're learning from it too. I really love the colors too. Very pretty!