Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Mitch's New Office!

Great news. The time has come for Mitch to move out of the home office and into a commercial one, so he can hire an employee(s). It will be a huge adjustment for me, having become used to having him around all the time and eating lunch together every day. He's worked at home for most of our 7+ year marriage. So proud of him for growing his business!

I guess this means I have to stop my photo project of taking photos of him wearing Aloha shirts in front of *other* people's offices (in the same field), while we pity the poor saps stuck inside.

Here he is, wearing an Aloha shirt in front of his OWN office. At least he will be the boss, so technically he won't be stuck inside.

I guess this will be the finale photo for my office series.

1 comment:

Nolagirlie said...

The new office looks great! Congratulations! He's going to be missing out on your lunchtime tradition of the B&B though.