Sunday, July 06, 2008

Kitchen Renovation

Hurrah! The kitchen renovation is pretty much done. When we bought the house, the kitchen had one single bulb to light it. ONE SINGLE BULB! Mitch has put in 3 recessed lighting fixtures in the ceiling, and two recessed lighting fixtures over the sink.

The ceiling also was covered with extremely uneven spray on texture coat that the previous owners had put on themselves, with an aerosol can. Mitch scraped it all off, patched the crack they were trying to hide, and had to apply a special primer because normal primers were not working (hypothesis: previous owners had layered latex over oil with no primer, then texture coated). Then he painted it a nice, flat white.

The original cabinetry stayed; solid wood and interesting handle pulls. We have a new oven, countertop stove, microwave, dishwasher and refrigerator with bottom pull-out freezer.

Mitch hated the brown woodgrain countertops, so he put white in.

He also pulled out the old, dingy lineoleum and put down a white tile floor himself.

To counter balance all that white, I'll be painting the cabinet doors. Colors have not been chosen yet. Atomic Ranch is the site (and book) that is inspiring our renovation and decorating scheme, CLICK to see their site and wonderful photographs.

He also put in a new stainless steel sink and a fancy faucet - the faucet spigot pulls out to a hose, and there's a matching, integral soap dispenser.

We'll be getting a stand alone deep freezer, too. Deluxe!

And to beat all, he painstakingly removed several tiles out of the wall that the previous owner had fired bright red flowers on, and placed in a totally random, uneven pattern. I hated it! He chiseled them out and replaced with plain white. What a hubby.

Go here to see some Before photos:

Below: Here's a Before photo to start off with, so glad those flower tiles are gone. So glad that coil stove top is gone too! I can't wait to use the easy to keep clean, new flat kind.

THANKS MOM FOR SUGGESTING ELECTRIC, and reminding me that a gas stove would really bother me when I have a migraine. Right, as usual.

below: Hardworking hubby...

below: new counters and appliances... the only appliances I've ever purchased:

below: new tile floor done by hubby (he's amazing):

below: nice, smooth ceiling with recessed more cavelike dreary atmosphere!

below: previous texture coat...if seen in person, it would make more sense. It was horribly uneven and noticeable.

below: fabulous sink lighting and sink and faucet. Still have to fix the screen...torn at time of sale.


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Anonymous said...

OOOOO and AAAHHHH. Nice job Mitch. Isn't it lovely to have new appliances!