Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thursday's Jazz Fest

All photos taken by me.

Lady Tambourine playing along in the Gospel Tent. I looove this photo.

At Congo Square...his costume says, "Wild Man"

Sister and me enjoying the groove at Congo Square.

With DH.

Jazz stage, the New Orleans Nightcrawlers Brass Band, FANTASTIC! Two of them also play with Bonerama.

Here's where you want to be with this band, standing in front with a wall of sound coming right at ya.

Sarah enjoying the brass sounds. This was one of the best stages all weekend...smaller crowds, AMAZING bands. The real deal.

Mom, prepared for sun (and rain).

Wares at Congo Square.

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Anonymous said...


What fun. It looks like you so enjoyed New Orleans. Your pictures don't make it seem like it was too crowded, but I can't imagine that.