Wednesday, May 21, 2008

MORE Jazzfest Photos

At the close of Jazzfest during The Radiators set, this guy started jumping up and down on the roofs of a row of port-o-lets. He was jumping really hard and bouncing! Imagine the poor people inside. He was WASTED!

One of my friends said my photos didn't look like the fest was ya go!! (I don't take many photos when I'm in the midst of the crowd, I try to escape.) The people below are actually pushing, trying to get in. Where do they think they are going? This photo was taken from the edge of it all, not the middle. As far as your eye can see, way past that colored canopy, it's a mass of people.

"People...people climbing over people..."

Here's my crew before the pushing started! We left when it got crazy.

Dad and sister.

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