Saturday, May 31, 2008

Spring Weddings

Nice photo of my parents at the wedding of their nephew in Chicago this past weekend.

Riding to the ceremony in a limo! My sister Sarah is the gorgeous leggy blonde at the end, my mom is in the red jacket, her brother in law Charlie looking at the camera and bearded dad looking at Mom.

My brother Elie is wearing the white HAT on the right, there's his clone, Dad, uncle Charlie and Mom. If I'd been in that limo, that champagne would have been opened. 8-)


Spotted a youtube video featuring the kahu (priest) who officiated the vows renewal ceremony we participated in on Waikiki beach. This video includes chanting, hula and explanation by the kahu about his tradition's worldview.

Here's a couple photos from the vows renewal --- us and then the group.

And here's the video:

Friday, May 30, 2008

Surprise Rose

Our Athens yard continues to surprise. A rose bush appeared that we've never seen before. It puts up long stemmed roses on single stems right out of the ground. Beautiful.


My car this week in Rabun county. Pollen. Someone in town advised me to get outside and "breathe plenty of fresh air" to heal my lung condition. Uh. No. I love how everyone's got an opinion.


As I was driving down the road in Rabun county this week, I saw THREE rainbows spread out along the miles I drove. I was only able to get decent photos of the first one, seen in Mountain City. The second rainbow was near Wal Mart and the third was in Wiley.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Chocolatey Goodness

My Canadian friend Bethany sent me a box full of organic, gourmet chocolate bars from Denman Island, Canada! This is serious chocolate. It's a mark of my love for Mitch that I am sharing it with him. Although I must confess, it hasn't been equal sharing.

Last night we tried the dark chocolate with rosemary essence. It had a strong rosemary flavor and was very different, very good. I also really liked the one with candied ginger, the plain dark chocolate one, the one with raspberries, and the one with hazelnuts!

MORE Jazzfest Photos

At the close of Jazzfest during The Radiators set, this guy started jumping up and down on the roofs of a row of port-o-lets. He was jumping really hard and bouncing! Imagine the poor people inside. He was WASTED!

One of my friends said my photos didn't look like the fest was ya go!! (I don't take many photos when I'm in the midst of the crowd, I try to escape.) The people below are actually pushing, trying to get in. Where do they think they are going? This photo was taken from the edge of it all, not the middle. As far as your eye can see, way past that colored canopy, it's a mass of people.

"People...people climbing over people..."

Here's my crew before the pushing started! We left when it got crazy.

Dad and sister.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

World Market Finds

Great finds at World Market!

Fake bamboo tree, 6 ft 2 in. It's very realistic, and presumably the cats won't eat it.

Mitch spotted a tiki wind chime!

Lawn Warrior

Mitch has joined the ranks of the Lawn Warriors.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tiki Art and Kitsch

It's very iffy to buy tiki gifts for a tiki freak if you don't know what you are doing. My parents OBVIOUSLY knew what they were doing when they got me this giclee print of a watercolor done by a New Orleans artist, of the now extinct Bali Ha'i on the Beach restaurant. Bali Ha'i was located in Pontchartrain Beach, a New Orleans amusement park that no longer exists. In the background is the famous Zephyr, the wooden roller coaster that was a New Orleans landmark.

See the artist's other works at

Today we were walking around downtown Athens and found this kitschy plaster base shell and flamingo gee-gaw. Mitch says it will look great displayed with our Trader Vic's drink menu.

Below is a chip and dip plate we found yesterday at our favorite place, Agora. We plan to use this the next time our friends Beth Rene' and Hajro come to visit.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thursday's Jazz Fest

All photos taken by me.

Lady Tambourine playing along in the Gospel Tent. I looove this photo.

At Congo Square...his costume says, "Wild Man"

Sister and me enjoying the groove at Congo Square.

With DH.

Jazz stage, the New Orleans Nightcrawlers Brass Band, FANTASTIC! Two of them also play with Bonerama.

Here's where you want to be with this band, standing in front with a wall of sound coming right at ya.

Sarah enjoying the brass sounds. This was one of the best stages all weekend...smaller crowds, AMAZING bands. The real deal.

Mom, prepared for sun (and rain).

Wares at Congo Square.


Photos I took in the French Quarter of my sister and mother. The idea for these photos was my mom's. Click to embiggen.

Peace in the French Quarter

Some scenes from our day in the French Quarter.

me and my sister


sister, DH, Mom

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Jazzfest Tshirts

A Jazzfest Tshirt pictorial of my weekend.

Jazzfest: Costumes & Hats

I'll be posting photos from the New Orleans Jazzfest over the next few posts. Jazzfest this year was a mixed bag...more on that later.

The couple below became surly when I asked if I could take their picture. I guess people costuming in hot pink don't want to be noticed. Don't let those smiles fool you.

These ladies, wearing hats decorated with New Orleans food items, were very friendly. They were talking politics and are very anti- the Democrat candidates.

Here's a very friendly Parrothead couple who came from CO just to see Jimmy Buffett (who put on a great show as expected).

Parrotheads wearing grass skirts, waiting for the Buffett set to start. We were about a quarter mile away from the stage.

Fun sunflower costume.