Saturday, January 19, 2008

CA Trip

Here's a few photos from our trip out West to visit my husband's family in Bakersfield, CA.

On the way to Bakersfield, we like to stop at one of my favorite restaurants, Gladstone's in Malibu.

below: outside approach to the restaurant

below: travel weary outside the restaurant

below: first thing I did was start my Mai Tai tour.

below: pretty sunset in the background

below: hubby

below: this seagull alternated between pecking at the lights and staring into the restaurant trying to do Jedi mind tricks on diners for food

below: sunset in front of the restaurant

below: traveling through burned Malibu canyon on the way to Bakersfield

below: after the trip, driving to L.A. through the Grapevine (mountainous area btw. L.A. and Bakersfield)

below: more Grapevine

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