Saturday, December 27, 2008

Friday, December 26, 2008


Made hats for Christmas for Mom and Mitch...both were requests, but neither one knew they were getting them. And there is one I made for myself.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Category: "I Told You So"

Obama has selected Rick Warren, an evangelical Christian preacher from California, to do the inaugural invocation.

Evangelical Warren is anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage. He was part of the California opposition to gay marriage supporting California's constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

In a Beliefnet article, he puts gay marriage in the same category as incest.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Twilight Before Christmas

For Twilight addicts like myself. Sooooo funny!

The Twilight Before Christmas

AC/DC Concert

We had a GREAT time at the AC/DC concert. Here's a few photos.

Silver haired man flashes his devil sign...we're still ROCKING!

Angus does a solo on a golden stage that revolved upwards...

A giant, lingerie clad blowup woman doll rides a huge train for "Whole Lotta Rosie".

Here's a video of "Whole Lotta Rosie" (1991) from YouTube:

Bush's Nightmare Before Christmas

George is signing his end-of-office misdeeds, rules that will be difficult for Obama's administration to overturn. Here is a satire of it.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holiday Security Meeting

Here is an essay I traditionally re-read during the holidays, having battled weight most of my adult life. I especially need it this year, since last year during the holidays I got injured in a car crash, sprained my ankle and was benched, and THEN got the flu which became a long term lung problem that took me MANY months to get up from (literally...I could not get up from the chair even to do household chores). It has been a very hard year for me health-wise and fitness-wise. As a result I regained a discouraging amount and now have to get it off again. And get it off I shall. I was at or below goal for 4 years and will not give up now (unlike Oprah, who has a staff for goodness' sake!).

This essay is from a famous bodybuilder, Dave Draper, aka "The Blonde Bomber", and was written in 2003. Below is a 1969 cover of Dave...for those in the know, that's Betty Weider with him! (wife of Joe Weider.)

0.500 THURSDAY, 11-12-03

Listen up, people. We don’t know what’s out there, but we know from past experience we must continually be watchful and ready. The consequences of ignorance, neglect or complacency can be catastrophic. We are entering the holiday season, supposedly a time of thanksgiving and good cheer, yet it is the greatest challenge to our survival and goodness. The bad guy is dressed up like the good guy and we are stalked, persuaded and driven to lay aside our principles and disciplines in exchange for indulgence and vice. Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Party, Marty, ‘tis the season to be hearty. A toast to 2003, another to 04; let’s drink to good friends and one to our foe.

“Hey, where ya goin’? It’s early; besides, the gym will be there tomorrow. Life’s short and then you die. More pie?”

The sheep are led astray, the cattle graze, raccoons mischievously loot and pigs continually root. The final reward: fat, out of shape and boring. Bombers, like eagles, circle above the simple-minded revelry. Life is good; the sky is clear, blue and endless. We can see forever.

Five precepts to memorize before taking to the stormy winter sky:

1) Do not allow your health and fitness goals to become buried in holiday excuses or displaced by misplaced responsibilities. Care for yourself and you care for others.

2) Do not miss one workout; one leads to two, then ten. Go before the iron and steel, if only for 20 minutes of grappling and stress release. It works.

3) Do not allow excess in your eating behavior. Stretch the margins without overstretching. Indulge without the bulge. Have a drink and an extra serving here and there, now and then, but not everywhere, again and again.

4) Do not fail to encourage your partners in the pursuit of muscle and might to continue the good fight. In encouraging them you encourage yourself and you encourage goodness and right. That is in a sense what the season is about.

5) Do not forget that life goes on and we pay heavily for our seasonal misdeeds. They are nasty, difficult to undo and can become permanent.

Think of the spring and summer, sunshine and short sleeves, strength and energy, your heart and lungs and your invested hard work. Party now, pay later, big time. Have you forgotten?

Okay, I sound like a stiff, but I’m lookin’ out for ya. You know what you ought to do and you know what you ought not to do. Fly high, enjoy yourself and be careful out there.


We were married eight years ago today, December 16, 2000. Still going strong! And still wearing quirky head gear. We're celebrating this evening by attending an AC/DC concert (click for video, FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK).

My mom made these wonderful crowns...everyone in the wedding party had one.

I made these earflap hats. This is what we looked like earlier this week on a trip to Hilton Head, where I was attending a conference.

Here's what we looked like in 2006 in a vows renewal ceremony on Waikiki Beach. I am one of the lucky ones!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Settling In to Athens, GA

Mitch is now a member of the Athens Choral Society and his first performance with the group is this evening. I will get to see him in a tuxedo for the first time!

I'll post photos later and if you visit us and want to see it, I will also be videotaping.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Cross Country Chullo

I am thrilled! A couple years ago I taught myself to knit with the help of books. And now I've just finished my first stranded project. I love it and am so relieved that it fits. The pattern is free; it's the Cross Country Chullo. I was up very late last night finishing it and making the tassels while watching a series about Robinson Crusoe on

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Another Agora Find

Mitch has a good eye. He spotted this wonderful Atomic style lamp at Agora today. I am so jealous. It's his bedside lamp now.

Even has the sewn shade that I love. We gotta find another one.

Thanksgiving New Orleans

Didn't get many photos during Thanksgiving in my hometown, New Orleans...was too busy relaxing with family members and having a good time. Here are the very few that I did get.

Here's my patient sister, waiting for Mom and me at the yarn store.

We spotted a sousaphone parade going on in the French Quarter, and spotted Bonerama musician Craig Klein. WE LOVE BONERAMA!!!!! Click on link to hear a sample. I got footage of the parade too, will post later.

View from our hotel, the Dauphine Orleans.

Street musicians on Royal St. in the French Quarter, they were really good.

View from our table at Cafe' du Monde. I can't stay in the Quarter without getting some beignets.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Crocheter Interrogated at the Border

Recently a relative derided my knitting hobby while demanding that I respect her "radical feminism".

This Colbert Report video about knitting/crochet protest and subversiveness gave me a good laugh! Knitter-crocheter interrogated by border agents...we also risk getting our needles and hooks confiscated by airport security when we travel.

Knit on, my sisters and brothers! Oh, and I crochet, too. I'm bistitchual!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

This past weekend we were in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, for a continuing education conference Mitch attended.

View from our room...morning...

Sunset view from our room...

The resort fire pit...

People sleeping on the sofas!

View from our lunch table at the resort...

Mitch strolling the marina in Cabo San Lucas...

Me with a street Blessed Virgin altar...

Mariachi band in town...

Mitch getting some well deserved down time...

Doggie Wheelchair

Dakota's veterinary assistant remembered a doggie wheelchair they had in the attic, and they have given it to us on an indefinite loan for as long as Dakota needs it! It has really improved her mood (and mine).

Dakota has a spinal problem now and is unable to use her back legs. We have been using a yoga strap under her hips to take her outside. But now, the "wheelchair" gives her more mobility and she likes it better than the strap. She can also more easily eat and drink.

It's terrific!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Fall Athens Yard

This is the view out of my laundry room today. If you look closely at the left foreground, you may be able to see the white camellias starting to bloom in the tall green shrubbery. The lighter green bushes along the bottom are azaleas; they bloom in Spring and span the entire front of the house. The red tree is a dogwood.

I love having a laundry room. Strangely, it makes it seem like a convenience rather than a chore. At the other house the washer/dryer was in the kitchen and it always seemed like an onerous duty. Always staring me in the face. Whatever works! If having a separate room makes it easier, I am all for it. (Either way is better than the laundromat of my youth...)

The backyard...

Front yard...

More Agora Finds

Found some wonderful vintage Tom Collins glasses at Agora. Multicolored, with a walnut sleeve. The walnut sleeves have wood burned decorative images: a seahorse, fish, treasure chest, anchor, shells and sand dollar.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

My Election Results Theme Song

Here's the song stuck in my head today, the day after the election. The theme song from Star Wars.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Athens Fall Yard

The dogwoods are putting on a nice show of red leaves here in Athens.

Looking out the back door downstairs, you see a long swath of chrysanthamums.

Antique rose by the living room and porch has a few blooms...

Bee rooting around for pollen, his legs swollen with it, matching the flower.