Sunday, December 16, 2007

More Weekend Photos

My brother has worked for years in the restaurant industry. Once during a visit, he and my DH got into a conversation about my brother's opinion that the public will eat anything if it's fried. My brother said if he could figure out a way to batter and deep fry a head of lettuce, people would eat it.

In deference to that conversation, we just had to try the grilled romaine hearts with fried capers and parmigiano reggiano at The National. Even though it wasn't deep fried.

below: part of my tiki mug collection

below: our house has two kitchens. Here's the downstairs kitchen, which is like a sunroom. Every other window opens outwards and is screened.

below: found this today for our Polynesian themed decor. It's around 3 ft tall.

below: DH wearing his new hat out to dinner.

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