Wednesday, October 24, 2007

On my Needles

I'm working on two sweaters right now. The first one is a free pattern from, "Sweatshirt to Soiree", pattern photo below. I doubt I'll put on the pom-poms, though. I'm knitting it in a denim blue. In the photo of my knitting, you can see the reverse stockinnette stripe off center towards your right...see the line of purl stitches? This is a quick, easy knit on large needles (US 15).

The more fancy sweater I'm working on is Stephanie Japel's design from her book, "Fitted Knits". I'm working her "Cozy V-Neck Pullover" in a lavender tweed of llama and wool, using the recommended yarn - Cascade Pastaza. This sweater has ribbing from the bottom of the bustline to the hem, and ribbing from the upper arm down to the sleeve hem. If you are viewing this online (as opposed to email) you can click on the photo for a closer look at the pattern photo. This is a good looking sweater.

Below is the yarn store in Watkinsville (very near Athens) where I purchased the lavender llama/wool yarn. Sorry for the small photo, I didn't have my camera and this photo is from the store's website. The store is in a renovated barn, with porches around and cozy chairs outside and in for hanging out and knitting/crocheting. Upstairs is a classroom.

Song to go with sweaters...Meryn Cadell describing the adolescent girl's love of the Boyfriend Sweater.


Anonymous said...

That llama is absolutely beautiful. It is lovely and now you have a real yarn store close to where you live. Yeah!!


Trev Diesel said...