Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hot House!

The second storey of our Athens home had no vent in the attic! Consequently, all the upstairs rooms were impossible to get cool, while the basement level was icy. I stuck a yard thermometer on a top shelf near the ceiling, where I was painting on a ladder, and it was 90 degrees inside the house! No wonder I was sweating.

Last weekend, DH came to the rescue and installed a much needed attic vent. It's so great - it has a thermostat and when the attic reaches a certain temperature, the fan kicks on.

When DH cut the hole in the roof for the fan, hot air literally rushed out. It made an immediate difference, even before the fan was working.

below: fan getting installed

below: a man and his fan

The upstairs hallway was dim and grim, lit only by one bulb. We picked out new light fixtures and he installed two. Now our hall has good lighting. (Haven't painted the hall yet. It will be a light beige. That mint green at the end will GO!)

below: here's where Dakota spent the weekend, as usual.


isaiah said...

OMG--- we need one of these SSoooo Badly!

What does your DJ cost by the hour? Want to go kayaking on the sound, play with dolphins and have a Thai dinner? Come down this way, show me how to install this sucker and we'll show you the SC Lowcountry!

isaiah said...

Thanks for your offer, C. We're having someone over today to give us an estimate on installing.

When you guys come to Savannah, let us know. My office is downtown and Cathy & I would love to have dinner with you.

It's been soooo hot here of late. I'm looking forward to cooler weather.

Thanks again on the offer.