Tuesday, August 28, 2007

For My Mom

My mom likes photos with reflections in them, this one's for you! Those are my hands, and a stranger's bumpersticker in Athens.

Here's Dakota, coming home from the doggie salon.

Tiki Drinks

Purchased a retro ice crusher, the Oster Snoflake Ice Crusher (since my fridge doesn't make crushed ice, and it's really nice in tiki drinks). Will go great with my retro kitchen appliances that I seem to be collecting.

This past weekend we made a Missionary's Downfall. That color is natural, from mint out of the garden and fresh squeezed juices (I've got my eye on a retro hand juicer, too...the kind with the lever handle). It's a recipe from Don The Beachcomber, presented in Beachbum Berry's recipe book, "The Grog Log".

And we also made a Polynesian Spell.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tiki Madness!

More items purchased for my surprising new interest, TIKI! These are all ordered by have not arrived yet.

Not pictured is a Trader Vic's Bartender's Guide from 1947 with 1500 recipes! Whoa.

Below is a Trader Vic's cookbook I scored on Amazon for 50 cents. Dated 1968 with 300 food and drink recipes.

Below: got this cookbook for one dollar on Amazon. It was recommended by a tikiphile on the Tiki Central board. Amusingly, the restaurant wasn't in Hawaii; it was a famous restaurant in NEW YORK CITY! Publication 1970.

below: A vintage Pan Am Jet Clipper advertising poster of Kauai. One dollar from Ebay. This is going to look fantastic framed.

Below: Fabulous "Royal Hawaiian pink" seahorse tiki mug, modern, made from original Trader Vic mold. This baby is 6 inches tall. Your fingers go through the ridges on its dorsal fin.

below: gotta have crushed ice! Purchased a vintage Oster ice crusher, crushes 3 trays at a time.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Overheard in Athens

"What happened to our idea of when we retire, going to a nunnery, shaving our heads and living on one bowl of rice a day?" - said one Baby Boomer woman to another.

Hot House!

The second storey of our Athens home had no vent in the attic! Consequently, all the upstairs rooms were impossible to get cool, while the basement level was icy. I stuck a yard thermometer on a top shelf near the ceiling, where I was painting on a ladder, and it was 90 degrees inside the house! No wonder I was sweating.

Last weekend, DH came to the rescue and installed a much needed attic vent. It's so great - it has a thermostat and when the attic reaches a certain temperature, the fan kicks on.

When DH cut the hole in the roof for the fan, hot air literally rushed out. It made an immediate difference, even before the fan was working.

below: fan getting installed

below: a man and his fan

The upstairs hallway was dim and grim, lit only by one bulb. We picked out new light fixtures and he installed two. Now our hall has good lighting. (Haven't painted the hall yet. It will be a light beige. That mint green at the end will GO!)

below: here's where Dakota spent the weekend, as usual.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hawaii Dreaming

I'm seriously jonesing for a vacation, but with the house renovation, it is not to be. I console myself with my photos from last year's trip to Oahu.

The first thing we did after getting off the plane and checked in to our hotel was to go to this open air restaurant with a view of the ocean. You can't see it, but it's right there on the other side of that breezeway looking structure.

below: this is the first thing we consumed upon arriving.

below: this is what a 9 hour plane ride (not including airport time, shuttle time, check in time), a 6 hour time difference and the giddiness of being on Waikiki Beach will make you look like. Plus a tropical cocktail.

Below: you can't take a bad photo in Hawaii.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

In Athens This Week

Here's a shot of Mitch doing an Elton John imitation in my favorite Athens shop, Agora. We didn't buy the sunglasses or the piano organ, but I did get the Hawaii mug below. It's ready for some Kona coffee or a tiki drink.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Overheard in Athens

Summer is over and the college students are back in town! Here's some of what we've been overhearing in Athens:

"We don't get drunk, we get sober."

"Dude, my hands smell like body odor and cigarettes."

"It's like trying to pick up a bartender. It ain't gonna happen. No use even trying, you're gonna get shot down."

"Question for you - this is a party town?"

Friday, August 10, 2007


Purchased these fantastic tiki mugs for our new house, from the artists at Tiki Farm. These are high quality, made in the USA ceramic mugs. Many are produced in limited runs and then retired. The company was started by a guy who was dissatisfied with the junk mugs coming out of Asia.

The pictured mugs hold 19 0z and stand 6.5 inches tall. They are heavy! The package of 4 mugs weighed 9 lbs.

Check out all the groovy ware at TIKI FARM.

And how to fill those mugs?

Step on over to TIKI BAR TV! If your computer is challenged, like mine is, you can also see episodes of Tiki Bar TV over at YOUTUBE. TIKI BAR TV - "Forbidden Cocktails in a Swank Pad."

And in print media, try BEACHBUM BERRY'S GROG LOG, available on Amazon.

Book Description
Tiki bar mixology is a lost art--but the Grog Log rescues it. A twenty-page introduction traces the history of Polynesian Pop, then teaches you everything you need to know about how to make the Grog Log's eighty tropical drink recipes. Many of these recipes have never before been published anywhere--including vintage "lost" recipes by Don the Beachcomber, Trader Vic, and long-gone Polynesian restaurants from the island of Manhattan to the islands of Hawaii. Profusely illustrated with vintage tiki menu graphics from the '50 and '60s, with cover art by famed Exotica artist Bosko. As Mr. Berry and Ms. Kaye see it, they are giving the country the perfect drink book for the age of malaise. "If we're going to feel like zombies," they write in their preface, "we may as well be drinking them."

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Weekend Yard

Athens Last weekend...

Photos from last weekend...

below: Mitch cleaning out the gutter while quoting from Monty Python in a Monty Python accent... "that's a nice bit of filth right there".

below: here's how we found Dakota when we came back from lunch. Mitch was glad she wasn't on his pillow. Make yourself at home, Big D!

Below: here we are at yet another outdoor eating place. This is a favorite, Loco's Pub and Grill, campus location. Great classic rock, casual atmosphere and good food.

Soooo Cute!