Friday, July 20, 2007

N.O.: Have You Been There? #1

Going to share a Foward my mother sent me, over the next couple posts. Hope you enjoy it!

(My answers: I've been to Cafe du Monde at every conceivable time of day, including 4 AM or more. Sipped hurricanes in the fountain patio at Pat O's but I prefer Lafitte's bar. Obviously I've been to Mardi Gras. Instead of Acme's, I favored Felix's, across the street. Walked around the Garden District, but wouldn't be caught dead inside the Cat's Meow. Been in the Dungeon, though, after midnight. John Folse - I'm more impressed with Leon Soniat. Risen at 6 am? Not voluntarily. Although I have been in the Quarter early in the morning going to work in the Jax - I wonder if the author of this piece is a transplant? Galatoire's, K-Paul's, Emerils?! Why the hell would I wait in line at those tourist traps when N.O. is full of good food? I ate poboys at the Come Back Inn in Metairie. I remember Zulu's coconuts, liability issue now (threw them off floats during parades.) New Orleanians are secretely sipping their daiquiris in more places than the street car...the daiquiri shops have drive up windows! And we don't have to be so secret, we can walk down the street with our drinks, unlike prudish Georgia and most everywhere else. Had drinks at the Columns. Marathoned through Audubon Park, been to City Park. Love going in St. Louis cathedral, but haven't been to Mass. I did participate in a Catholic wedding in a cathedral on the west bank, a priest stood high above in a gothic pulpit, proclaiming the Blood of Christ. It was ghoulish and pagan. Hell YES I know who Connick, SR. is. Breakfast at Brennan's? No. That was for the moneyed. Tipitina's, YES. Superdome, yes. Not for sports, though, for concerts...Prince's Purple Rain Tour, Stones Voodoo Lounge... Cheese fries at Fat Henry's? HELL NO! That place was for preppies. I was down the way sucking down oysters at COOTER BROWN'S! Thrown peanuts on the floor at O'Henry's. Rendon Inn? Never heard of it. World's Fair? Every night, darlin. Saw the Stray Cats there, too! Been on the Tulane campus? I'm an alumni. Crawfish boil? (stupid question for me...I'm a NATIVE!) On the lake, across the lake, in the lake. West bank, lived there. Been to Mother's and never had to wonder what debris's the meat flakes you get from cooking roast beef and slicing it. Good poboy is french fries with debris gravy. No more since I went vegetarian. Jazz Fest, second weekend always. Pontchartrain Beach, rode the Zephyr. Boy I'm old! Many memories of standing in line at Camellia Grill. Been to Mandina's. I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS PIECE DOES NOT INCLUDE BROCATO'S! Manale's, yes. Dookie Chase, no. Plantation home, yes. I can pronounce Tchoupitoulas, Thibodaux & Boutte. Been to Biloxi beaches, and Grand Isle more importantly. AHHH - Monsoon at Port O Call. That's how I survived UNO. Breakfasted at the Bluebird. Seen Charmaine Neville in person, Aaron walking around jazzfest...seen Cowboy Mouth, the Iguanas, DASH RIP ROCK...Bonerama... I know what it means, to miss New Orleans.)

Our Town

New Orleans. How wonderful those words sound when said with no quirky
emphasis on odd syllables. They always seem to elicit some response.

Have you been there?

Have you ever been to Cafe Du Monde for beignets and cafe au lait and gone back every morning of your visit?

Have you ever sat for hours in the piano bar at Pat O'Brien's sipping hurricanes?

Have you ever been to Mardi Gras - Bacchus? Endymion? Rex?

Have you ever had oysters at the Acme House?

Have you ever sat out on the "fly" eating crawfish and drinking Dixie beer?

Have you ever taken a walking tour of the Garden District?

Have you ever sung karaoke at Cat's Meow?

Do you know who John Folse is?

Have you ever risen at 6am to roam the streets of a "quiet" French Quarter?

Have you ever been to Galatoire's? K-Paul's? Emeril's?

Can you remember when Zulu threw gold-painted coconuts?

Have you ever ridden the street-car down St. Charles Avenue secretly sipping your strawberry daiquiri?

Have you ever had a mint julep on the porch of The Columns Hotel?

Have you ever been to Audubon Park? City Park?

Have you ever been to mass at the St. Louis Cathedral?

Do you know who Harry Connick, Sr is?

Have you ever had breakfast at Brennan's?

Have you ever been to the original Tipitina's?

Have you ever been to the Superdome? Saints game? Super Bowl? Final Four?

Have you ever had cheese fries at Fat Harry's?

Thrown peanuts on the floor at O'Henry's?

Have you ever been to the Rendon Inn?

Can you remember the New Orleans World's Fair?

Have you ever been to the campuses of Tulane and Loyola?

Have you been to a crawfish boil? Sucked the heads?

Have you ever been "on the lake"? "Across the lake"? To the "west bank"?

Have you had a Ferdi from Mother's and wondered what "debris" was?

Have you ever been an unexpected invitee to a jazz funeral?

Have you ever been to Jazzfest ---- first or second weekend?

Have you ever been to Pontchartrain Beach?

Have you ever stood in line at the Camellia Grill?

Had a po-boy at Uglesich's? Oyster and artichoke soup at Mandina's?

BBQ shrimp at Pascal Manale's? Gumbo at Dookie Chase?

Have you ever been to a plantation home?

Have you ever been to the French Quarter festival?

Can you pronounce Tchoupitoulas? Thibodaux? Boutte?

Have you ever been to Clancy's? The Upperline? Brightsen's?

Have you ever been to the Biloxi beaches?

Have you ever had a monsoon at Port of Call? Breakfast at the Blue Bird?

Have you ever seen the Neville Brothers? Cowboy Mouth? The Radiators?

Have you ever been to New Orleans?

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