Wednesday, July 04, 2007

New Orleans

Took a weekend trip to New Orleans to see The Police in concert. It was a FANTASTIC show, and a great visit to a beautiful, if wounded, city.

The haters continue. Just last week, the manager at my gym told me that New Orleans should be allowed to drown. A student in my yoga class told me with disapproval that she didn't know why anyone would move back there. This from people who know I was born and bred there, and my family is still there. Lord only knows what people with more tact are thinking.

Today and tomorrow I will be posting photos from my trip. Hopefully they will convey some of the beauty and charm of our city, and ambiance not found in any strip mall plastic suburb.

below: a shop window display on Rue Royal in the French Quarter.

below: the Carousel bar in Hotel Monteleone. The bar is shaped like a carousel, with high back stools that have scenes painted on them. The whole thing revolves (slowly). I had a French 75 cocktail, a blend of gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup, grenadine and champagne.

below: my DH in the courtyard of the Napoleon House. When I was 13, my mother and I shared lunch in this same spot with actor George Segal, who is the cousin of a family friend. I wish we'd gotten a picture then.

below: there I am.

below: more of the Napoleon House courtyard.

below: stairs leading up from the courtyard.

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