Sunday, July 08, 2007

New Orleans Diaspora

Hubby and I were having brunch this morning at The Grit in Athens, GA. I spotted a young man wearing a very worn New Orleans Saints t-shirt and wondered about him. Then a woman across the room called out to him in a Y'at accent. The woman and her husband are here looking for a home, and I think the Saints fan said he lives in Sevierville. Sevierville is in TN between Gatlinburg and Knoxville, location of Dollywood. I drove through there once, and decided it is the Hell On Earth, never to be visited again. Now we take I-40 around to get to Knoxville.

So this morning in one small room of a restaurant in Athens, there were 3 tables containing New Orleans ex-pats.

"The world in gonna pay 'cause/We'll be everywhere/There'll be dancin' in your streets/and music in your air." --- from "Home" by Cowboy Mouth, written after Katrina.

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