Wednesday, July 11, 2007

More New Orleans

A few more New Orleans photos...

below: signs read, "Rex is King" and "We'll Be Back Come Hell or High Water"

below: beers served "Camp Street style" (if you were from here, you'd know)

below: houses near where my mother is now living

below: hubby on Decatur St. in the French Quarter

below: beignets from Cafe Du Monde

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isaiah said...

Oh for some beignets & coffee from Cafe Du Monde!

Funny story on how I discovered the Cafe: I was producing an event in 99 at the Hyatt and the extra bed in my suite was needed by a lighting designer whose room wasn't available that day as expected- so, sight unseen I left word he could room with me until his room opened up.

The next morning around 2:30am the “lighting designer” came stumbling into my room in the dark and immediately crashed. A few hours later I was awakened by the sound of "zip," like a suitcase opening and then the sound of water; a spray. I thought, "oh god, there's a water leak in my room." No. It was the lighting guy. He had stumbled in the dark over to his suitcase, opened it as was taking a leak into his clothes.

I silently waited until he was finished to see what was going to happen next and prepared to remove myself as fast a possible when he hit the bed again.

I got up showered, packed my bags, took them to the lobby and ordered another room... and started walking around downtown. I edded up at the Cafe as it was opening. I was tired, hungry and dying for some coffee.

What a treat, Cafe Du Monde! I must have sat for two hours eating & drinking before I caught a taxi back to the hotel. It turns out those few hours were the only free time I had for four days until the production was wrapped.

Come to find out after returning to the Hyatt that the lighting guy was a 19 year old kid who had gotten drunk and ended up, "pissing the night away." He turned out to be a really great guy who happened to drink too much. I let him keep my room and I took his.

Later, when I told him about the experience we both laughed (he embarrassingly so) saying, “I was wondering how all my clothes got wet!" I replied, well now you know....the rest of the story."