Friday, July 06, 2007

Metairie Muffler Man

One of my new hobbies is seeking out Muffler Men to photograph. You can find a link to the Muffler Men locator map in the right margin of my blog.

During my stay in New Orleans last weekend, we went to see the Muffler Man in Metairie (a suburb). My stepdad was with us too, but you won't see him in the photos, he does not understand this quest and stayed in the hot car.

The Muffler Man website categorizes this particular Muffler Man as rare, because he wears a crown.

Next quest will be the Atlanta Muffler Man. He's out by the airport somewhere. And there's one in Bakersfield, CA where my in-laws live, will get that one sometime this winter.

below: there he is, holding Mardi Gras beads.

below: my mom and DH with Muffler Man.

below: me with Muffler Man.

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