Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Athens Renovating

So, painting! Below is a photo of a primered wall that I "cut in" with fuschia. Luckily my husband insisted that I take a photo of this, since a friend later asked me what "cutting in" means. Cutting in is putting the paint on with a brush when you want to keep surrounding areas clear of paint. In the case, the white ceiling, the white shelves and desktops, and the white floor trim. You can see a good video of how to cut in with NO TAPE, which I've found through experience and the advice of pro painters, is the way to go. Look, Ma, NO TAPE!

below: then it's easy to fill in the wall with the paint roller. ROCK AND ROLLER! This wall only has one coat, so it's splotchy (I think that it's easier to see when it's a dark color like this.) I'll be applying another coat next weekend. This room is going to be my home office. Originally, as you can see, it was built as a kids' room with their two study areas. When we purchased the home, this room was painted school bus yellow, including all trims and the book cases. Just one room of unrelieved, Crayola yellow. I still have an intense color here, but the book cases and trim really pop. Credit goes to my husband for his advice on leaving the desktop and shelves white, but painting the space between the shelves and desk, and underneath the desk. The fronts of the drawers that will go into the desk will be painted cobalt blue, and other blue accents will be used in decorating.

My paint color matches the color of the "Raspberry Sundae" crape myrtle. We have two crape myrtles in this approximate color in our yard.

Below: here is a "Before" photo


Anonymous said...

Cutting in? I always considered that painting around the edges where the roller won´t go. You can do it before or after you do the roller.

The color looks good.

-- Jeff

Trev Diesel said...

Dig that color!