Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Saw 3 of the band members last night on Leno. The lead singer who is 90 y.o, a backup singer who is 99 y.o., and a third backup singer who said she is "getting there". This is how I want to be when I get older!

The lead singer said the group was formed when their bingo hall was threatened and they decided to form a protest. They are from the UK.

WATCH the video all the way to the end, there is a surprise at the end.

"Zimmer" is the Brit word for those metal walkers. And notice the part where they are walking across Abbey Road.

(just in case you don't know...this song was created by The Who).


Trev Diesel said...

Ha! Love it! I forwarded it to my worship team at church since we're always talking about music styles, etc... said it'd be awesome to show in our services. If it weren't for that last scene. :-) Ha, this was great!

Anonymous said...

I saw these folks before, but had forgotten about them. I guess my age is affecting my memory! It was also great to see the WHO being interviewed by Tommy Smothers. Does anyone remember the Smothers Brothers?

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